Knee braces

Kelio itvarai

Probably, the majority of as have experienced or faced, in the closest environment, injuries and contusions. Definitely, they are much more often experienced by risk groups: athletes, people who promote active lifestyle, people suffering from arthritis, other joint diseases, children and elderly people. Knee braces are designed for arm, leg, back, waist area injury and contusion treatment. Maintained in correct position, they support injured area, therefore they are often used in post-surgery period as they do allow bones to heal correctly. Moreover, they help avoid future, repeating injuries.

Faster healing: with knee braces

Knee braces not only support injured area, but also warm up and maintain warm, that stimulates faster healing, protects from more significant injuries. Thus people from certain groups should take care of their knees not only when injured, but also to prevent them. This is most relevant for people who actively do sports, people with joint problems, people who perform hard physical work, when excessive load is put on joints. Especially for such injuries, disease treatment and prophylactic joint protection, braces designed by orthopedists technicians are used, as they stimulate healing process, allow to move and, at the same time, reduce pain during certain movements.

Main types of knee braces

Types of knee braces are: elastic, neoprene, textile. Elastic ones are used after insignificant contusions, injuries, strains, in cases of arthritis, after the surgery. They strengthen and support the joint, but allow it to move relatively easily.

Neoprene braces have open area for knee cap. Physician, who knows your condition best, selects suitable product according to the disease or situation. Braces can have plastic hinges or side supports that ensure stable support and comfortable movement. In cases of cruciate ligament and side ligament ruptures, appropriate textile braces, that are also recommended after knee cap surgeries, should be selected. Those braces can have open area for knee cap, support it in cases of inborn or obtained knee ligament dysfunctions; or closed knee cap, designed to reduce tendomyopathy symptoms, knee instability and pain. Knee braces can have side metal supports that fix knee during the post-surgery period, in cases of knee instability, ligament strains. They support joint more firmly, are completely invisible under clothes.


Important – appropriate choice


Kelių įtvarų rūšys

Particular type of braces can be selected by supervising physician-orthopedist or by the customer, if they measured the circumference of the knee by themselves. Next to every product, sizes are listed according to measurements of the knee, calf, thigh. When choosing elastic brace, only the circumference at the knee cap is needed; when choosing neoprene or textile brace, calf and thigh should be measured. Precise, comfortable measurement of calf or thigh circumference can be regulated with special belts or stickers. They are sold with instructions on correct belt regulations in order to ensure stable support, comfortable movement. Knee braces are produced from pleasant and breathable material; thus they do not cause discomfort when worn on the body. Even closed knee cap braces allow the skin breath normally.

Forget knee pain

Knee braces are designed to restore and maintain normal functions, return, help noticeably improve otherwise painful movements. Experienced pain is reduced with maintained warmth, that creates a positive environment for further healing. Knee braces fix the joint, maintain it in even, correct position to ensure appropriate healing after the surgery. Otherwise, after unsuccessful treatment, everything may be started from the beginning as in case of inappropriate healing, human’s movements lead to pain. Braces are especially necessary and beneficial, therefore they are essential in post-surgery period. Our company offers braces compensated by the Health insurance fund, including those that are listed on our website.