24 herbs „Herbal Extract Pferdebalsam“

24 herbs „Herbal Extract Pferdebalsam“ – in cases of muscle and joint pain.


After rubbing into the skin you will feel warming effect that helps reduce joint pain. The balm is used for muscle, spinal problems, tendon or joint swelling. It is also suitable for muscle warm up before physical activities. It is recommended to use during the day time or before evening relaxation. Skin redness is natural reaction that shows activated blood circulation.


Cooling balm is used to reduce swelling, when affected part must be cooled down. This balm has refreshing effect. In contrast to warming balm, this balm is not recommended to use before the bedtime.

With hemp (latin Cannabis sativa) extract

Contains virgin hemp oil that regenerates dry, cracking skin, helps stimulate healing process and restores protective layer of the skin.

Super strong

Super strong: the formula contains great amount of active natural extracts and essential oils, designed for patients who have muscle and bone system problems due to excessive physical load.

With aloe vera (latin Aloe vera) extract

Slightly cooling balm with aloe vera extract is produced according to original formula. After rubbing problematic zones, this balm effectively stimulates strained muscles, joints or tendons. Aloe vera extract helps facilitates healing process, relaxes tired and swelling legs, and is suitable for people with varicose problems.  


Apply on the skin in areas of the pain and massage thoroughly. Procedure can be repeated if needed. Not recommended to use on children below 12 years.