Moor cushions

Natural moor cushions. First safety class patented medical product, made of natural materials, for gentle healing and relaxation. Due to natural recycled moor filling, the color of a product may change or fade. Filling is mined at renewable moors in Germany. Cushions are manufactured in a plant located in Lower Rhine region, Germany. Heating therapy: ideal for strained muscles.

In 40–43 ° C temperature muscles relax and body regeneration processes intensify. Increased blood circulation stimulates metabolism, natural healing processes and improves health condition. Long lasting heating provides relaxation and reduces the pain!

Application areas. Back pain, muscle strains, joint dislocation, arthritis, neck stiffness, bile and liver, stomach and intestine pain, gynecological problems, sciatica (buttock nerve pain).

Preparation for use. This product can be heated in the oven and microwave oven. Complete product user guide is provided with purchase. 

Cold therapy – helps with inflammation

Cold facilitates inflammation, as decreased body temperature limits inflammatory foci. Cold therapy stimulates venous reaction that tightens muscles. Pain decreases. After longer application muscles become less active and spasms decrease.

Application areas. Inflammations, headaches, migraine, blood circulation problems, high temperature, insect bites, contusions, bone fractures.

Preparation for use. This product can be frozen in the freezer and in the refrigerator. Complete product user guide is provided with purchase. 

Important information

Not recommended for children under 3 years, disabled people. Cushions cannot be used together with pain relief medications. Do not use cold therapy after blood circulation dysfunctions or Reynaud syndrome. The intensity of scent spread from cushion's essential oils depends on the frequency of cushion use. 

  • Natural moor cushions are infused with two types of essential oils used in the aromatherapy: 
    • levander and geranium – relax
    • orange and eucalyptus – refresh