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Consulting physician Consultation date
Pediatric orthopedist traumatologist MD Jonas Vencius Monday
Adult orthopedist traumatologist Eduardas Bartkevičius
Neurosurgeon prof 작업의 정석 다운로드. dr. Gytis Šustickas Tuesday
Pediatric surgeon dr. Jolanta Labanauskienė Wednesday
Adult orthopedist traumatologist Alvydas Slavickas Scheduled
Orthopedist traumatologist Giedrius Mazarevičius
  Consultation fees Consultation fees
With physician’s refferal Without physician’s refferal
Pediatric orthopedist traumatologist MD Jonas Vencius 0,00 Eur 15,00 Eur
Adult orthopedist traumatologist Eduardas Bartkevičius
40,00 Eur
Neurosurgeon prof 다운로드. dr. Gytis Šustickas 49,00 Eur
Pediatric surgeon dr 5인의 탐정가 다운로드. Jolanta Labanauskienė 0,00 Eur 35,00 Eur
Adult orthopedist traumatologist  Alvydas Slavickas 0,00 Eur 15,00 Eur
Orthopedist traumatologist  Giedrius Mazarevičius
0,00 Eur 30,00 Eur


Additional services

With physician’s refferal Without physician’s refferal
Diagnostics of infant hip dysplasia

Pediatric surgeon dr 응답하라 1988 17회 다운로드. Jolanta Labanauskienė

Orthopedist traumatologist Viktorija Brogaitė-Martinkėnienė (since 2019.10.15)

35,00 Eur



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  • Products for women
  • Orthopedic footwear, insoles
  • Products for home and sports
  • Compression socks
  • Compensated products