JSC “OrtoPro” is the official representative of BOA system in the Baltic States tcpdump!

JSC “OrtoPro” is the only one orthopedic company in Lithuania, not only producing prostheses with the BOA system, but also distributing it 다운로드.

Prostheses with a built-in BOA system is a new generation technological solution that allows you to adjust the volume of the receiver by changing the size of the stump 쿠로코의농구 극장판 다운로드. Stump volume changes not only during the day but also during the hour. It depends on many factors – a change in blood flow, even from food or fluids 다운로드. Therefore, the BOA system with a micro-socket simplifies and accelerates the process of insertion / removal of the prosthesis, doesn’t require much effort (see below) 다운로드.

Thanks to the BOA system, the daily routine of patients is facilitated.

Just twist and go!




Certified specialist traumatologist Paulius Piesliakas will provide kinesiology taping services in JSC “Ortopro” Klaipeda branch 구글맵 api. Kinesiology taping will be used in cases of the following indications:  extremity swelling, ankle ligament injuries, Achilles tendinitis, contusion, knee joint inflammation, muscle strain, partial muscle rupture, wrist tendinitis, elbow joint inflammation, shoulder instability, collarbone dislocation, rib fractures, lower back pain etc 다운로드.

The price of any area taping service is 15 eur. (the price of kinesiology tape is included into taping service price) 산업모드 다운로드.

Pre-registration by tel.: +370 615 16406