Amoena Contact

Feeling of unity in contact with the body
Amoena Contact prostheses allow me to move easily and forget that I wear prosthesis. Now I can more easily choose clothes of a wider variety“.


  • Attached directly to the skin and moves together with the body. Provides complete freedom of movement, the feeling of protection and self-confidene all day
  • Reduces tension in shoulder area, neck and back, recommended for women with large breasts or in cases of lymphedema
  • No feeling of slipping or moving 
  • Easy to wear and care for
  • Provides more freedom in terms of choosing clothes with lower neckline
  • Recommended for women with large breasts or in cases of lymphedema
  • Perfect for sports

Thermoregulatory layer Comfort+

Amoena Contact line has bigger thermoregulatory layer, which:

  • Increases perfect comfort when worn
  • Provides pleasant feeling in contact with the skin
  • Ensures better grip

Shapes and sizes

Sizes from smallest to largest available (0-17). Visit JSC „Ortopedijos projektai“ shops and our medical representatives will select size and shape that is most suitable for you.


After recent surgery or radiation therapy, the skin becomes very sensitive. Therefore we recommend wearing prostheses of this type only after complete treatment (or approximately 6 months after the surgery). When properly cared for, the stickiness remains for 12-16 months or even longer.

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