Amoena Natura

Natural look and feel.
„Natura Light was my „first real“ mammary prosthesis. It is very gentle and soft. Worn with a bra it looks like natural breast and contact with the body is very pleasant.“


  • Designed in order to provide more natural feeling
  • Shape of the breast moves together with the body both, when you walk or when you lay down
  • With the help of thermoregulatory features quickly warms up to the body temperature
  • Recommended for women with large breasts or in cases of lymphedema.
  • Perfect for sports and swimming

Thermoregulatory layer Comfort+

Amoena Natura line has bigger thermoregulatory layer, which:

  • Increases perfect comfort when worn
  • Provides pleasant feeling in contact with the skin

Shapes and sizes

Sizes from smallest to largest available (0-17). Visit JSC „Ortopedijos projektai“ shops and our medical representatives will select size and shape that is most suitable for you.

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