Children footwear

Orthopedic children footwear: orthopedic shoes for children.


Orthopedic footwear is designed for comfortable and free movement, feet health and development of motor skills: shoes ensure correct foot support and reduce leg tiredness; moreover, shoes can be adjusted to deformed foot.

Statistical researches confirmed that at least 7 per cent of children are currently suffering club foot problems. More than 15 per cent are splayfooted. In order to help your child and prevent from difficulties in the future you have to purchase high quality footwear: orthopedic shoes for children will correspond to the taste of even the choosiest clients. We offer footwear produced from natural materials, extra wide range of designs and models. Shoe sole is produced with arch.


Orthopedic children footwear helps overcome gait problems. However, if they are not significant, we recommend standard footwear with custom made gait correction and treatment inserts that are produced individually after the evaluation of size and shape of each child’s foot. Custom made orthopedic shoes for children are produced in cases of tetraplegic parasylis, more intense splayfoot or club foot defects, limited feet bending or weak ligaments. This type of footwear is also recommended for children with neuropsychological diseases. Custom made shoes are adjusted for particular child evaluating particular needs and movement abilities.

Physicians remind that you should take care of the feet from the very first steps. Don’t forget that all toddlers are splayfooted: this is absolutely normal condition; toddlers’ feet have thick layer of fat tissue. Specialists claim that prolonged foot arches should be considered only from fourth year of child’s life. The end of foot formation process is related to late teenage period, 12-16 years (everything depends on individual puberty speed). This means that before purchasing orthopedic shoes you must consult orthopedist or family physician. Orthopedic shoes are prescribed to children who does not like to walk or run a lot, easily get tired and complain on feet pain. Orthopedic children footwear is also essential when feet are shifting outwards or inwards, if the feet splay or in case of delayed feet development. If the orthopedist state that the child needs special shoes, you should not postpone the purchase. If you delay, problem may escalate, what means that deformation can increase.

When searching for suitable shoes for your child, do not forget to ask for their opinion. We recommend to select footwear together with your child: ask them what do they think about shoe design and style, inquire whether they find shoes comfortable to wear, ask them to walk, jump or run for a few minutes: only by doing this you can be sure that orthopedic shoes are really suitable for your child.

If your child has serious gait or foot formation problems, it is recommended to purchase a few pairs of orthopedic shoes. One pair would be used to walk outdoors, and another one to wear at home. Constant wear of special shoes is urgently recommended in cases when child is diagnosed with club foot. For especially difficult leg deformation treatment, shoes are recommended to be worn even during the nighttime. In case of splayfoot wear shoes only outdoors, when legs receive load: while walking, running or playing. When searching for for orthopedic shoes stay rational: footwear must comply with particular child’s needs and physical abilities. Avoid second hand footwear, already worn by child’s brother or sister.


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