Custom made shoe inserts

Custom made shoe inserts –
Custom made shoe inserts are produced individually, after the evaluation of patient’s foot condition. Such inserts are recommended in cases of foot disorders, deformation and disease prophylaxis. Wearing inserts facilitates movement, helps form and maintain foot arches, evenly distributes load on foot, reduces foot and leg tiredness, activates blood circulation, helps avoid deformation (i.e. Hallux valgus: toe bone deviation) and performs amortization function.

When ordering custom made inserts, you can choose from a variety of material hardness. Hard insert perform adjustment function, maintain foot in correct physiological position and evenly distribute load on foot.

Inserts, produced from soft materials, perform amortization function, therefore are prescribed in cases of foot pain and calluses. Soft inserts are also recommended for patients with diabetes. Before ordering custom made inserts every patient receives foot inspection. By this, the shape of the feet and arch height are defined, deformations, dermatological changes, tangible pain points and formations are identified. Pedaline impress (feet is impressed into special foam) help obtain feet shape. 


The production process of individual shoes inserts (VIDEO)