„Grikės“ products are designed for people who care for the naturalness of their living environment, are interested in healthy lifestyle and innovations. Produced from exclusively Lithuania-grown buckwheat hulls and 100% cotton materials.


Buckwheat hulls were used for relaxation in ancient Japan and China, and nowadays remain favoured there. Currently, with growing ecological awareness among Lithuanians, buckwheat hull cushions and mattresses become more and more popular. 


In comparison to usual cushions and mattresses, buckwheat hull products have unique advantages:

    • Do not cause allergies, prevent dust mites from colonizing
    • Breathable, do not cause sweating 
    • Adjust to the shape of the head/body, provide stable support
    • Hardness (height) can be regulated: part of buckwheat hulls can be removed and refilled again
    • Help patients avoid bedsores and facilitate their treatment
    • Cushions reduce snoring